Starting from potencies of the region which is called the producer of world-class cigar’s materials, involving Filler, Omblad, Dekblad, and experience of modern tobacco cultivation technique as our provision, PT. Boss Image Nusantara has been built.

PT. Boss Image Nusantara, or popularly known as BIN Cigar, firstly operated in 2013. Besides producing tobacco for cigars material, BIN Cigar also producing cigars with Havana Cuban introduced tobacco seeds as the main ingredient. This tobacco type has been cultivated in Jember for more than 20 years. At the present time, the cultivated seeds have been licensed by the Indonesian Goverment as well as others seeds which have been developed. It is supported as well by experts who have 50 years’ experience in tobacco, hence it results cigar products with high-quality flavor and be able to create a taste that similar to products from its home country.

Until nowadays, for the production of cigars, BIN Cigar has produced various cigar specifications products in various packages which have been marketed in this country and exported overseas.

Becoming a company which gains profits as the premium-quality tobacco and cigar producer for the worldwide demands, being technically strong, being handed by the professional management system, and running together with the Indonesia government policy.

To achieve the vision above. Numerous strategic steps are needed which written in missions follow:
1. Applying Plan-Do-Check-Action-Early Warning System, Quality Control and International
Quality Standard on each production process of tobacco and cigars.
2. Research and development that continuously support the production’s performance
3. Having loyal, committed, and high-dedicated human resources
4. An effective, efficient, and professional marketing strategy by preceding consumers’
5. Having an effective and efficient financial system, applying tax policy and other applicable
policies that are applied by the government.
6. Ready to have synergy together with the government.



H. Abdul Kahar Muzakir
Ir. H. Febrian Ananta Kahar, MIAM
H. Agusta Jaka Purwana, SE
President Director:
Ir. H. Imam Wahid Wahyudi