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Starting from potencies of the region which is called the producer of world-class cigar's materials, involving Filler, Omblad, Dekblad, and experience of modern tobacco cultivation technique as our provision, PT. Boss Image Nusantara has been built.

PT. Boss Image Nusantara, or popularly known as BIN Cigar, firstly operated in 2013. Besides producing tobacco for cigars

material, BIN Cigar also producing cigars with Havana Cuban introduced tobacco seeds as the main ingredient. This tobacco

type has been cultivated in Jember for more than 20 years. At the present time, the cultivated seeds have been licensed by the

Indonesian Goverment as well as others seeds which have been developed.

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Light Taste

A light-flavored cigar is a type of cigar that provides a softer and less strong smoking experience.

Medium Taste

The tobacco flavor of these cigars imparts a well-defined character, allowing cigar connoisseurs to enjoy a blend of smoothness and complexity that satisfies their desires without being overpowered.

Full Taste

The full taste of this cigar offers deep complexity, with a rich tobacco blend and strong characteristics, providing an intense and satisfying smoking experience for experienced cigar enthusiasts.

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Handcrafted cigars are the magic of tobacco brought to life through the skillful touch, care and dedication of the artisans. Each cigar becomes a priceless work of art, combining beauty and authenticity in each carefully engraved roll of tobacco.

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Brawijaya no 5B Jubung, Sukorambi. Kabupaten Jember. 68151

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